About Us

Innovations in Safety

Heavy Duty Innovations was formed to address the heightened environmental and safety concerns involving tank truck transport of oil and other hazardous liquids, now made even more important by the fracking-driven energy boom worldwide. Safety Pumping Systems from HDI are the answer to transloading and fracking-related spills and accidents, while also delivering unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency.

Safety Pumping Systems from HDI are currently the only system-engineered transport pump system on the market today. Traditional systems vary widely and are custom fabricated, often without full knowledge of PTO ratios, hydraulic ratios, engine speeds and pump rotation speeds.  As a result, systems are operating with relief valve protection in only one flow direction, exceeding the pump’s recommended rotation and with operating procedures that are overly complicated and vary widely.

We don’t make the pump. We encapsulate pumps from leading manufacturers into engineered pump systems, making them easy to install and operate. We provide a safe, simple driver friendly interface.

Traditional custom fabricated system
Safety Pumping System trailer mounted system